Accelway is a management consulting company, born from the union of two pillars of competencies and experiences


The first pillar expresses its expertise and experience concerning the organization of management systems within the automotive sector.

This is possible through the definition of strategic plans, organizational structure and also through the rules adopted to ensure business performance: in respect of both market and management, with particular attention to the profitability of the models implemented in order to ensure the necessary resources for the continuous development of the company.
This pillar develops in understanding customer requirements within the organizational standards, in the business organization approach, seeking performance throughout the production chain.
It supports the new plants’ start up , nonetheless their certification and approval according to international standards and customer requirements. In the same way it supports the management of programs for improving all along the chain.


The IT pillar develops complex systems for large customers with the ability to combine the thorough knowledge of the customer’s business ,with the passion for technologies

It plays continues research on new digital technologies in order to improve business, marketing and communication processes of our customers. It expresses the capacity to plan and manage complex projects by resorting to the main international methodologies.